1. D1GGY's Avatar
    Hello all. Last night i finally upgraDED TO THE NEW o/s

    Started as i downloaded a theme that was not supported on older O/S so i was in the continuous rebooting loop.

    I love the new O/S and feels new to me. One problem i am having and only 1 problem

    I got the blackberry messenger to notify me when i got a new message however no matter what i am doing i tried every possible setting i cannot get notified of a new email message..

    I change setting on every profile tried them all, Level 1 messages,Messenger-Alert,Messenger-New Message

    Phoen makes soudn i knwo when i get a call, blackberry messenger i knwo when i got new message but for the life of me wont tell me when i have a new email.. Tried 2 themes also.

    IS there something im possibly overlooking here??IMnot a noob and always mess with it but just no sound.

    Theme i am using is the 8700 Real World Today v1.4.2.1

    Any help or suggestions would be great

    07-17-08 01:45 PM
  2. D1GGY's Avatar
    This is driving me absolutely nutz lol.. Maybe im missing a setting .. Every other bell and whistle plays each time somethign happens.. But not for messages.. Please help if anyone has suggestions.

    IS it possible the TUNE i am using for messages wont work?? I doubt this would be the issue.

    I have also tried every possible theme also.
    07-17-08 02:38 PM
  3. johnnydelectric's Avatar
    did you hit options, email reconciliation, and select the email you want to be notified with?
    07-24-08 07:37 AM