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    ...This is how I got it, and my story thus far:

    I bought this 8700c many years ago on eBay, locked to AT&T (easy enough to unlock, I just called , and they gave me the unlock code).

    However, since I was GoPhone, there is no "Blackberry Support", so no BIS/BES. Google was a BIG help thru the years, and I had a MAJOR breakthrough last night.

    Up until then, I had to use Opera Mini as my browser, because of Service Books only allowing BIS access for the built-in browsers. Changing APNs didn't matter, many things didn't work. I was already knowing that without a BIS that Pin and BBMessenger wouldn't work. But I wanted the 'standard' browser to at least work, so I could OTA stuff.

    I found by doing a Google search, that I could ADD MY OWN SERVICE BOOK TO ALLOW INTERNET THRU MY "CINGULAR BROWSER", thus allowing OTA and a few other things.

    Search Google for "get-service-book anworm". Download the service book, and install thru BDM.

    Remove/reinsert battery, and I had internet

    Still no MMS yet, tho. I'm working on that. Maybe editing the SB, I can get it...

    More to come
    05-12-11 01:04 AM
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    Hmmm, I would be rather careful here. As far as I heard even with the Anworm Sevice Book not all does work...
    05-12-11 04:41 AM