1. BlackkberryNewbie's Avatar
    I have been having my blackberry for two weeks now and I have learned alot about it but, I cannot receive MMS [picture messages].
    I mean it won't even send it to my phone, yes I have unlimited texting.
    Please help.
    09-06-07 10:35 PM
  2. BlackkberryNewbie's Avatar
    Please Helpp!
    09-06-07 10:36 PM
  3. ThatsAngel's Avatar
    I have T-Mobile and the same issue. I can't even send MMS messages because they get stuck on me. Any word on what's going on?
    09-07-07 07:31 PM
  4. BlackkberryNewbie's Avatar
    But its wrong.
    My account got locked on Tmobile and when I emailed them yesterday, they didn't even reply back.
    09-07-07 08:40 PM
  5. timatl's Avatar
    go to the tmobile website and log on to your account and upgrade to the latest upgrade for the blackberry. you should have recieved a text message from tmobile this week requesting a download. at least i did.
    09-08-07 12:31 AM
  6. smokeydog's Avatar
    I downloaded BBSmart Email trial offer yesterday (9-9). I downloaded the program on air directly to my BB. During the process of downloading a message popped up that it was deleting something. Since then I have been unable to send or receive MMS or access TZones. I reloaded latest software and have the same problem. TMob says its not their problem. That it was caused by the 3rd party BBSmart software. Note: I put the SIM card in my old BB and it accesses TZones without a hitch. I also removed the BBSmart email program.

    Anyone else with this problem or how to resolve.
    09-10-07 09:17 AM