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    Wanting better synchronization between my T-Mobile (USA) Blackberry 8700g and my Google Apps email accounts, I deleted one account (account A) and added it again as IMAP. After realizing that BB+GOOGLE+IMAP means a huge delay in receiving messages, I deleted the account yet again and added it as pop. However, now I do not receive all messages sent to this account. The other account (account B) was still working fine. Another issue was also that when the BB did receive an email for account A, the red star no longer appeared by the "account A" mail icon, only by the "Messages" icon. I tried all sorts of different things and nothing worked.

    Desperate, I decided to delete both accounts from the BB and re-add them. However, the problem persists with account A and account B still works. I wondered if maybe since I last configured account A as IMAP, when I re-added it (using the default settings) it was automatically reconfigured as IMAP. So I deleted it again and added it with manual POP3 configuration. Still no dice.

    Another thing is, now for both account A and account B, the red new-mail star no longer shows by the account icons, only by the "messages" icon, which is annoying as I cannot immediately tell which account has received the message.

    I tried sending the service books to my device, but still nothing.

    Additionally, when running a diagnostics test, account A fails.

    If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know.

    09-01-08 09:43 AM
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    After some more fiddling, I got a positive diagnostics test, yet mail from my other email accounts is still not arriving. However, after sending an email, the send/receive arrows on the blackberry UI that indicate data transfer start flashing as if the email is being received, yet no email arrives.

    09-01-08 11:51 AM
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    Looks like I may have finally fixed it!

    I deleted the email account (again), sent service books, did hard reboot, and re-added the account. The red new-mail star is back, and I seem to be receiving all messages!
    09-02-08 12:30 PM
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    Nope, still not receiving all messages.
    09-02-08 12:57 PM