1. crazyberry's Avatar
    put a ringtone on the 8700g
    09-15-07 02:44 PM
  2. MiniBB's Avatar
    You can go to a website like www.tuneusin.com right on your BB and find a ringtone, play it and decide if you want to save it. Push in your BB button and you should get an option to save it.

    You can also email yourself ringtones. Play it, and again push in the BB button to get the option to save it.
    09-15-07 03:04 PM
  3. Trevor's Avatar
    crazyberry, please use a descriptive title in your posts. You title should not be the first part of your question. It makes it harder for people to find it when they search.

    Also, why are you asking about the 8700g? Don't you have a curve?
    09-15-07 05:35 PM