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    I downloaded a CSV file of 2800 contacts to my new (used) BB 8700c. Turns out most of the contacts were garbled. I'd like to delete them all from the BB 8700c and start over. Is there any way to do a "select all" and then delete? Or even to shade multiple contact listings, scrolling down, and then delete? So far all I can see is being able to delete one by one, which would be impossible with 2800.

    My desktop manager software was installed for my BB Curve 8330 (Sprint). It seems to work partially for the BB 8700c (unlocked, formerly Cingular) but is unable to recognize applications on the device, and reports that a "certificate" is missing preventing use of the Media Manager (this may be because the 8700c does not have a camera so may not handle photos)...

    Anyway, any suggestions about removing entire Contacts file?

    03-02-10 08:20 PM
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    Desktop Manager should support the 8700c. Connect your BB to the PC and run the Backup and Restore Advanced Options. In the right hand window you'll see all the databases on the device. Select the Address Book, then push the Clear button at the bottom of the window. That will delete all the entries in the database.
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    03-02-10 09:25 PM
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    I received this info from a colleague, which I tried and it works:

    If you want to clear your address book, load Desktop Manager (DTM) up, plug
    BB in, go to Backup/Restore, Go to Advanced, click on Address Book on the
    RIGHT HAND SIDE screen, under that screen will be a "Clear" button, click
    it, hit OK. Clearing it.
    03-02-10 10:23 PM
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    Thanks, JeffH... as you can see, I just posted a Reply based on guidance from a colleague which had the same info as yours, not surprising since it describes how to do the same thing. Thanks for your response.
    03-02-10 10:25 PM
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    Wow I didn't even know you could do that. Thanks too.

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    03-08-10 06:54 PM
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    I am using a Mac and the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Software have separate buttons for Backup and for Restore. No advanced option nor "Clear" button on either of them. Please help!!!
    06-20-11 05:27 PM
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    Under the "BlackBerry" menu option there should be "Delete Data"

    If it is not under the BlackBerry option it will be there some wheres. Just search for it.
    06-20-11 06:54 PM
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    Hi i have about 10000 contacts in my phone book inclusing emails as i only want to keep telephone numbers and want to delete the email address please help me in that how to do it on black berry
    02-10-13 01:00 AM
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    If you have access to a PC running Desktop Manager and Outlook, there is a way, but it involves several steps.
    0. Make a backup of your BlackBerry before you start.
    1. Sync your device to Outlook using Desktop Manager.
    2. Export the contacts in CSV format.
    3. Use a text editor to delete the email addresses.
    4. Import the edited CSV file back into Outlook.
    5. Sync the contacts from Outlook back to your BlackBerry.

    Do not skip Step 0 for any reason. If you make a mistake editing the CSV file, you could corrupt the entire contacts database and need to reload it from the backup.
    02-10-13 08:37 AM