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    This is going to be a weird question how can i get my bb 8700g to get into the screen 523 with the reset button, im having a problem with the reset loop i have tried almost everything and is not working, ive used crackutil, im unable to get inside my bb cause of a password, JL_Cmder is not resetting, i have done the loader.exe /nojvm with my os 8700M_PBr4.1.0_rel466_PL2.0.0.143_A4.1.0.351_AMX_C laro and nothing. The only thing i saw different was the white screen with the reset button, how can i get to that screen again.

    10-22-10 10:59 AM
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    If you enter your password incorrectly 10 times, the personal data will be deleted and the password reset. Then you can get back in. There's nothing you can do to save your data at this point, if you don't recall the password.
    10-22-10 11:13 AM
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    Ok so incorrectly 10 times using the crackutil??? thats the only place i see is asking me for the password
    10-22-10 11:30 AM
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    C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder>JavaLoader.exe -usb wipe
    RIM Wireless Handheld Java Loader
    Copyright 2001-2008 Research In Motion Limited
    Connecting to device...debug: COM error during Open: (0x80004004)
    Error: unable to open port

    im also trying with this
    10-22-10 11:32 AM
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    I want to go into the debug mode
    10-22-10 11:55 AM
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    BBSAK has a Wipe Device option that might get you where you want to be.
    10-22-10 11:59 AM
  7. LordWolF's Avatar
    Checking that out i will tell you what happens

    10-22-10 12:10 PM
  8. LordWolF's Avatar
    BBSAK is unable to find my BB, is just resetting
    10-22-10 12:19 PM
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    Ok so incorrectly 10 times using the crackutil??? thats the only place i see is asking me for the password
    No. I thought you had a problem with your BlackBerry password. If CrackUtil is asking for a password, but you don't have one on your dvice, you won't be able to use CrackUtil. It may not be compatible with the OS you are using.
    10-22-10 12:23 PM
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    Im using win 7 ult, but if you see my other replys im having problem with everything.

    Hmmm last thing i will try is using win xp sp2, but wow since 9 this morning im still trying to fix this heh
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    10-22-10 12:30 PM
  11. LordWolF's Avatar
    Ok im trying everything i did on win7 in win xp sp2 still same problem, any ideas on how to fix this?
    10-22-10 09:05 PM