1. zoi's Avatar
    For minutes and minutessss

    Even after I do a battery pull
    How do I fix?

    File free: 31319736

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    10-05-08 01:50 PM
  2. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Battery pull usually works for me..... Are you leaving your battery out for a few seconds??
    10-05-08 02:07 PM
  3. zoi's Avatar
    Yes, I am.

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    10-05-08 02:11 PM
  4. gguajardo's Avatar
    had this issue a few days ago with the hour glass turn out I had Facebook application and it was stuck so I had to un install it and that took care of it
    10-06-08 01:11 AM
  5. uncheels23's Avatar
    Yep facebook has been causing a lot of problems for people

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    10-06-08 01:31 AM
  6. StoneRyno's Avatar
    File free looks good so it must be related to something installed on the BB. Did this situation coincide with any changes, new app installed or updated? Are you closing apps properly when finished with them? You can check and see which apps are running in the background by pressing alt+back or using application switcher from the icon screen menu or from as side key if you set app switcher to one of them. There are 5 BB apps always running: phone, home, browser, messages and BBmessenger. I would imagine if too many apps are running or there is a problematic app open or one that uses a lot of the devices performance to run like google maps could cause hour glassing when trying to use other apps though I wouldn't think it would cause continuous or even long term loading effects. I look forward to hearing what ends up being the solution.
    10-06-08 12:08 PM
  7. metalwraith's Avatar
    Usually if I try to visit a website and it stalls out loading up and I just get that hourglass... I either use that MemoryUp program and see if a defrag will work... Sometimes it does.... If not I'll just do the Alt+Caps+Del and reset it. Then it's resolved and no more hourglass.
    10-06-08 05:05 PM
  8. jenaywins's Avatar
    Yep facebook has been causing a lot of problems for people

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    I keep hearing this more and more, hopefully there will be a fix soon. And it doesn't help that Verizon forces the Facebook app on its customers via their service books..
    10-06-08 05:09 PM
  9. metalwraith's Avatar
    Facebook is buggy enough on a pc as it is... half the time it's downright annoying.
    10-06-08 05:15 PM
  10. zoi's Avatar
    yeah, it only does the whole hourglass thing when i try going on websites not meant for a phone
    like when i forgot to go to wap.crackberry and just regular crackberry it came up
    and other things that have too much things on it.

    it doesn't really happen anymore, but thanks for the heads up about facebook.
    I'm going to uninstall it.
    Even though i love it.
    10-06-08 10:25 PM
  11. PinkBBgirl's Avatar
    facebook is definitely the issue. i just uninstalled mine and the hourglass went away. this is my second blackberry and my other one had the same problem. its a shame i didn't realize that facebook was the problem before i bought a new one.
    10-10-08 07:51 PM