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    Just wondering if this was possible. The reason I ask is I had an old verizon 7750. Originally my dad gave it to me after about a year of use since his company bought a newer one for him. However, it never had internet and I just used it for scheduling everything in college. Well it finally died on me and the insurance through verizon gave me a new 8703e. I still dont have internet (bc i cant pay for it in college). But since it was free I was still wondering if I could put ringtones/wallpapers on it via usb since I can't access the internet. I dont mind paying for a program that would allow me to cut and edit mp3's on my computer if I could put them on my phone. Same with wallpapers/themes. Thanks in advance!
    05-30-07 03:55 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
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    Now onto the issue at hand. A BlackBerry is really no good without Internet (a data package). That's like a car without wheels, yes it will work, but not at it's best. On that model you can't copy and paste per se' using the PC / USB cable. Then again, I wonder with the new Desktop Manager (4.2) if that would allow it to work? Try it, it comes with a new feature called Media Manager. But am almost 99% sure it won't since that program looks for a memory card. Albeit there is no option to add an external memory to that device, you could possibly still browse to the internal memory...

    Even if you got a cheap package, $19.99, BIS that would help, no?
    05-30-07 06:35 PM