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    and I can't (for the life of me) figure out how to get the ringtones onto my phone.

    I have everything hooked up, I have the blackberry desktop manager open, and I have my songs downloaded. BUT, how do I open them with *.alx, *.ali? When under that setting none of my songs show up. Maybe I am totally brain dead, but I just cant figure this out!!

    Sorry if there are hundreds of different posts on this topic, but I dont have the patience (anymore) to go "hunting" for them!

    *Ok, so I downloaded the new Desktop Manager, and it has Roxio. WONDERFUL. BUT, it cant find my phone. It says there is no device connected. And, in fact, it very well IS connected. So, now what?!?!*
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    does your device have OS 4.2 on it? Look in Options >About and look for a version number. It'll start with 4.1.x.x or 4.2.x.x. You need version 4.2. Also, you're limited to mp3's that are less than 2.86Mb in size.
    09-11-07 04:14 PM