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    For the record, nothing came up pertinent to my question and I wasn't sure to put the thread here or in the bluetooth arena(nothing on the 8703 in there)

    I received my 8703e yesterday and so far I like it(first BB). I paired it with my RAZR (from the BB, the RAZR would not find the BB), but the BB shows the available services at a headset/hands free device, and my RAZR will only connect to the BB as a hands free device- but only for a second or two.

    I wanted to send my contacts and a few ring tones to the BB but I have no clue what to do since the BB is only listed in my RAZR as a hands free unit.

    I also would like to know how to send something from the BB to the RAZR. I see nothing in the menus to transfer/send via bluetooth.

    Can someone point me in the right direction here?
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    I'm wanting to use the bluetooth function to transfer photos to and from my computer. Thus far, everything I've seen says the bluetooth function is allowed only to pair with wireless headsets and similar hands free devices, only for the purpose of making and receiving phone calls, but not to transfer data with other phones, PC's etc.

    My suspicion is that the data transfer is disabled per Verizon's request, as this would cut in to their profit margin by bypassing the need to access their network to send data via email or MMS (were this available on the BB). Similar to imposing their own software on the phones they sell, though not on the BlackBerry as the BB OS is superior to anything Verizon could come up with for these phones.

    Can anyone confirm that? Has anyone had any luck transferring data via bluetooth with other phones/PC's on other networks (i.e.: AT&T, TMobile, etc.)? Does anyone know how to access the programming and interpret to unlock this function on the phone itself?
    11-23-08 01:21 PM
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    Yep, it's a Verizon phone. I was liking this thing until I found this out.
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