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    I would like to try an unreleased version newer than 4.5 for my 8700g , Im kinda new to this stuff but a long time comp geek (retired) I have allways used unreleased verions of os's and video card drivers , they seem to work better than the released ones soooo I want to start playin around with my new toy (bb 8700g) . I used crackmem to modify the 4.5.0 os and the only way to use it is to wipe new bb first , rather than do that I would love to try a newer version of the os ....

    if anyone could point me to a site that has these .... well I'd say THANKS
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    09-23-09 04:07 PM
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    I would like to try an unreleased version newer than 5.0 for my 8700g
    Its unlikely that the 83xx series is going to get 5.0. Some models of 83xx had early builds of 5.0 but were then scrapped. The 83xx being newer than the 8700, I dont think 5.0 was ever planned for the 8700.
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    my bad I meant 4.5 I fixed the title
    09-23-09 04:31 PM
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    No worries, but pretty much the same answer, 4.6+ was only developed for new models.
    09-23-09 04:33 PM
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    I bought this bb from a woman that thought it was broken for $10 , when i got it all that was wrong was she had the wrong battery in it so after buying a bat for it from buy.com for $10.77 I have a 8700g works great for $20.77 total

    But me thinks I might have to buy a curve so I can really hack the s**t out of it

    thanks for the reply
    09-23-09 04:39 PM