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    HI everyone.

    u might recall i left a message few weeks ago about getting browser. Well after calling up 02 i can get the data for blackberry for 10 a month. GREAT but they told me i need to sort out my phoe. i was hoping u guys can get otgether and help me. pls beari n mind i am a girl so keep it simple and step to step. let me tell u what my problem is.

    a)i have no internet browser in any of the menus.
    do u know y?

    b)when i press the menu buton i get the option -enterprise activation. thenre there is a pin at the bottom. is that not for buissness users ? and what is pin for.

    (sorry forgot to add i got this from ebay-so secondhand type of thing!!)

    well that the main tihng. if i can ge tthe browser then i am ok. but i have a feeling that it was registered to a company thingy and therefore the browser and stuff was removed.

    same as google maps. i get error message saying stuff about sone policy.

    please please help. any 2cents of advice will do at this stage. currently i have a blackbrick and want to turn it into a blackberry.

    thank you

    11-14-07 05:51 PM
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    I've just bought one of ebay as well. I'm with Orange and they have two packages one for 16 which is for enterprise customers and one for 6 which is for personal users, once I got the personal data package they sent me a text, I restarted my BB and the Enterprise Pin thing disappeared.

    (Just out of interest, have you turned your BB off, removed the battery for 30 secs and turned it back on after O2 made the changes and sent you a text?)

    I still didn't get the browse. I think trashed my BB by putting the bPhone on it when it had the wrong firmware! So I searched for an update for the phone and found this website:

    See subject line I can't put a link in my post because I haven't posted enough.

    I was very worried that this might lock my phone back to vodafone, it didn't. And bonus I have Browser now. I can't be certain that your BB will not lock back to vodafone but mine was fine.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    11-15-07 10:48 AM