1. nahyee's Avatar
    I have an 8703e with Sprint and run Outlook 2007. I have tried wiping my BB. I have cleaned up Outlook. I have deleted my Address Book and Contact List using Desktop Manager. No matter what I do, I end up with duplicate contacts on my BB, and calendar events that I add to my desktop don't synch to my BB. I have wireless synch turned off, and I have synching set up to synch, but in case of conflict, Outlook wins. I had 356 contacts in Outlook, but it added 616 contacts to my handheld. I had 200+ calendar entries but added more than 1700 (yes, 1700!) to my handheld. And I just connected this morning, synchs automatically, and it wanted to add 136 items to my Outlook calendar. Now I didn't add a single calendar entry on my handheld...where are these things coming from????

    HELP! I am at a loss and don't know what to do anymore!
    08-06-08 09:14 AM
  2. leezx10's Avatar
    I have an 8830 from Verizon and I get duplicate entries. I've read other post that said to delete service books, but that doesn't seem to work. Please someone who knows about this could you post a solution as soon as possible.

    08-06-08 09:20 AM
  3. sabato's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue - any solutions?
    09-04-08 01:44 PM
  4. maraki's Avatar
    Me too! It's duplicating birthdays and some events. I want to wipe it clean and start over. How do you clear the bb of entries? Thanks!
    09-04-08 06:13 PM
  5. nahyee's Avatar
    I worked with my tech support department at work. It turned out that I had an extra Outlook.pst file in an Archive folder, so even though I was removing dupes and had my BB set up to not accept dupes, it kept putting them back in when I synched. The other thing we did was to turn ON the wireless synch. Tech Support Guy said sometimes you have to turn off the wireless synch and then turn it back on and it fixes itself. I haven't had a dupe problem since.
    09-05-08 07:26 AM
  6. NickoNicko's Avatar
    Any advice on how to locate teh offending .pst file?
    09-26-08 04:50 PM
  7. soccerpearl's Avatar
    i have 2 email accts that i accept through my pearl. when i got my new one, it was duplicating some appts on my pearl. i went to calendar and in options go to 'select calendar...' from there it allows me to sync with one email (the one i use through outlook and my calendar) or both emails (the other is gmail and it wanted to sync through a gmail calendar--which i don't have or use.)

    anyways, by selecting only one email acct in the select calendar option that fixed my problem. hope it helps with someone else!

    11-17-08 10:38 AM
  8. IU Kel 16's Avatar
    Has anyone figured out how to find the extra .pst file yet? I'd love to get this resolved!
    11-19-08 06:06 PM