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    Hey, sorry if this question has been asked before (although I didn't find anything in the searches I did before asking ), but I just got a BlackBerry 8700g from T-Mobile and I'm having trouble getting the OZ Messenger IM program downloaded to the thing. The instructions say that there is supposed to be a link in the browser's Bookmarks page to download instant messaging, but on my phone that's not there, so I had to figure out some other way to find it. I've called T-Mobile customer service twice, and they told me to go to their BlackBerry 8700g IM page (I keep trying to post the URL to clarify what I'm talking about, but no dice) and download the program available there, but when I try to open it after installation I get this message:

    "Error starting Blackberry_8700_4$2el$2el0_i_TMO_4IM: Symbol 'UiApplication.pushModalGlobalScreen' not found."

    I have tried downloading, installing, uninstalling, then redownloading and reinstalling it several times, and each time I get the same result. So, the questions:

    1) WTF does this mean?
    2) Is there some way to get a non-corrupted version of this stupid program (or some other program that lets me use AIM and MSN on the Blackberry)? I just want to be able to IM!
    08-30-08 01:25 AM
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    Since I bought this damn phone that has been the biggest problem.I've called T-mobile 4 times about this and no dice.I get the same error message and nothing else works.
    Come on crack berry I know you can help us!
    10-12-08 02:34 PM
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    I was speaking with T-Mobile about this issue yesterday myself... if you have OS 4.2 I found out OZ is not supported on 8700g via that OS.... So you're SOL basically with OZ.

    Per my online chat with tech @ T-Mobile --

    Robert S: It appears that only the Blackberry 8100 and 8800 support Oz Instant Messaging with 4.2 OS.
    Robert S: I'm sorry about this.
    Philip Kimpton: ahh ok, now one other question. i installed yahoo messenger and it works. but windows live messenger doesn't is that not supported?
    Robert S: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, and MSN instant messenger is only supported on your phone.

    Basically meaning he was zero help.... :-p

    Plus I myself found out AIM isn't compatible, couldn't get Windows Live to work by itself as I kept getting the application isn't enabled... But was able to get Yahoo messenger to work...

    So best bet as everyone I noticed around here... and to which I downloaded and ordered a license myself is to use Beejive. instant messaging anywhere and use JiveTalk. The license is cheap enough as well and it covers pretty much all IM platforms.
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    10-13-08 12:11 AM
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    I want to software installation my computer to blackberry 8700g plz send me
    04-09-09 06:46 AM