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    Hi All,

    I have several 8700 series berries that don't seem to be displaying aspx web pages correcty.
    For example
    Text that is normally displayed like this:
    New Order#:

    Is now displayed like this:
    New Order#:


    The browser seems to be inserting unnecessary carriage returns after new lines.
    This does not seem to be happening on any other blackberry model and only started occuring recently. I have not made any changes to the configuration before this started happening.

    I am currently using the Internet Browser to display webpages
    The browser configuration is as follows:
    Support for Javascript is checked
    Allow javascript popups is checked
    Support for HTML tables is unchecked
    Use Foreground and Background colors is checked
    Use background images checked
    Support embedded media is checked
    Support stylesheets is checked
    Style sheets media type: Handheld
    Show images: On WML & HTML Pages
    Emulation Mode: Blackberry
    Content Mode: WML & HTML
    Start Page: Bookmarks Page

    I relaize this is not a critical problem, but it's weird that it would start doing this out of the blue.

    Any help is appriciated.

    11-10-08 11:46 AM