1. angelys's Avatar
    I have been a bb user since when they first came out as the pager style/no phone so I did consider myself pretty knowledgeable with respect to blackberry. Not to mention I used to work there but that has all changed. I have been called to a trial where text messages received on one of my old bb's (8700r) could prove to be damaging to the party in question. Yes I still have the device and the messages are still there with the date/time/tel number msg was received by. The bb has not been hooked up to service for over a year. All seemed fine until today. Now the other party's lawyer is playing the angle that the messages can not be trusted as the other party believes they were manipulated. Here is where my perception of myself of being pretty darn smart when it came to a bb vanished. I am looking at these text messages seeing the date and time and telephone number the message was sent from and the message itself and try as I may I don't see how one can possibly say the messages have been tampered with. As far as I can see, in order for me to change any of the text I would have to send it back to myself which alters the date, time and number it came from. The dates,tel number msg came from and time are the important piece of the information being provided. I am completely miffed here as I look at these messages on the device and now hearing that the stand that will be taken will be they were manipulated. I just can't see how. They are right there on the device.

    Any words of wisdom? I am still proceeding with the evidence but I am surely confused.
    04-18-11 03:12 PM
  2. russnash's Avatar
    Considering RIM's reputation for creating a secure phone, perhaps a statement from RIM on the security of the device in question might be a good thing to try and obtain? I'm sure it's doable, but its more of a question as to how easily it is doable, if you know what I mean?
    04-20-11 09:50 PM