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    I have been using my 8703e with desktop manager for 2 years with no troubles. A few months ago, whenever I plugged in my bb, windows installer would look to load vzacessmanager.msi from my cd drive. I found the cd with my bb stuff, and put it in the drive. This did not correct the problem. After searching the site for solutions, I deleted DM and installed a new version. No luck. I deleted it again and installed a newer version. No luck. I did it again and my computer no longer lookds for this file, but I can not synch my bb. It keeps closing. I have followed all of the tips on this forum (deleting RIM file, reloading OS & DM, using crackmem, etc) and have had no luck. Right now I have OS and DM version 4.3.07 but have used 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 with the same results.

    02-12-09 04:24 PM
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    I've just desided to register here, so... hello everyone !
    02-13-09 02:03 PM