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    My colleague and I both are using 8707g, and we both are on BES, with exactly the same setting. We have 2 different issues with synchronization/reconcillation problem.

    We have had our Email Reconcillation setting to Delete on both Option-->Email Reconcillation --> Delete On: "Mailbox & Handheld"

    Mine works perfectly fine. But hers has problem. Some deleted emails from Mailbox still shown in Handheld. These are usually sent emails that got deleted. Emails received but deleted would be clear from Handheld. This happens intermittently. Any idea what caused it and how to fix this?

    Another problem I have is to do with filed emails. I have a lot of personal offline folders in Mailbox. I like to file emails (received and sent) into those offline folders. The problem is, when I file them, they are cleared from my Inbox/Sent, but still shown in the handheld.

    This is driving us nuts. Any solutions or suggestions?
    03-03-08 01:23 AM
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    Anyone encountered this? Or has any suggestions how to solve this? Many thanks in advance!
    03-04-08 12:32 AM