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    So I woke up this morning and realized my BlackBerry 8703e had chosen to observe the Daylight Savings Time "Fall Back" today, a full week early.

    I went into my options and saw that I had "Network" chosen as the date/time source, and at the bottom of the screen under "Network Time" it said the correct time, but up above it was still showing the incorrect, fallen-back time. I clicked "update" to try to get the new time, but no dice.

    My quick-and-dirty fix was to just adjust my time zone, and I guess next week when the time really changes I'll change it back. On a more permanent basis, is there some software update I need to download to tell my BB that the DST calendar has changed this year?
    10-28-07 10:00 PM
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    Are you connected a Blackberry Enterprise Server? If so have you already installed the Blackberry 2007 DST software patch?

    Open this link from your Blackberry to download and apply the update - it should fix the problem

    Background info.
    Affected devices and software versions

    For BIS users Blackberry simply request that you manually correct the dates
    "Move the time forward 1 hour on 28 October 2007, and then back 1 hour on 4 November 2007"
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    10-29-07 10:18 AM
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    Thanks Berryman, that fixed it.
    10-29-07 03:01 PM
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    Good, glad to hear it. It's always nice hear back if a suggested fix did in fact provide the remedy.

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