1. macabees's Avatar
    I just downloaded the trial version of companion link and so far it's great...however I added contacts that I didn't want in my ACT! database. So my question on here is this:
    how do I categorize my personal contacts so that they aren't confused with other personal contacts of other users? is that confusing???

    I want my personal on my phone and not on act and I don't want other personal stuff from other users.

    I am loving my 8700e and can't complain one bit. Thank you to all those who read and respond.
    06-26-07 05:42 PM
  2. southfloridamanagment's Avatar
    Are you sinking ACT with outlook and then outlook to your BB or direct to your BB. I am about to buy a BB and thinking about using this as a solution.
    06-26-07 07:50 PM