1. Hugo G.'s Avatar
    Hello to all you Blackberry veterans!

    Firstly, please someone tell me I haven't just wasted a huge chunk of money on an expensive paperweight. 4 days ago, and after much research and deliberation, I purchased my first ever Blackberry - an 8310. 2 days in and various commands wouldn't work properly: the phone switched to mute/on hold in the middle of a call without me pressing any buttons; and text messages would remain on the 'desktop' no matter how many times I tried to delete them.

    So... I took it back to the shop and managed to get them to replace it. This time I thought I'd be safe and go one step better and pay a few more bucks and get an 8707v.

    All went well until I tried to unlock the keyboard by the usual * then green 'send' button. Nothing happened. The unit kept saying that the keyboard was locked. I kept pressing the two buttons in sequence (as I had done countless times during the day without any problem), but still the device remained locked. Every now and then, a window would appear "device locked - UNLOCK, EMERGENCY CALLS, CANCEL?" - whatever I tried, correct keypad sequence, trackwheel pressing.... nothing would unlock the device. The only way to get the phone working was to take the battery out and start again, while waiting for the device to start up again.

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

    All a bit frustrating. I was on the phone later to Vodafone New Zealand (my carrier) explaining that I had had that problem, when out of the blue a box flagged up on screen "General system error...", but then carried on working without fault.

    Question 1. Have I made a terrible mistake trusting the blackberry name (I just need reassurance and sympathy at this stage!!!)

    Question 2. Has anyone else had such problems? If so, should I take the phone back for exchange.......AGAIN???????

    Thanks goes out to anyone who can either shed any light on this worry, or can share any solutions.
    10-20-07 08:34 PM
  2. CarBob's Avatar
    Hey Hugo,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of CrackBerry.

    Question 1. You have NOT made a terrible mistake trusting the BlackBerry name. These devices are known for their reliability and stability. I have never had a problem or issue with my BB 7130e that I have had since Dec., 2005.

    Question 2. I can certainly appreciate how frustrating you must be feeling. The BB 8310 has not been on the market that long so it appears that there might be a few bugs still to be worked out with this model. I would suggest calling your Service Provider and/or RIM to get them to shed some light on what is going on with your device.

    Good luck.

    10-20-07 10:03 PM
  3. DearFloyd's Avatar
    It may be possible that you just had a bad string of mishaps with defective phones. There should be no such problems with blackberries especially out of the box. I know a few people that have exchanged devices a number of times and finally got the one that lives up to the hype. keep exchanging til you get the one faithful.
    10-20-07 11:27 PM