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    Having a bit of an issue with an 8700 series...

    I cannot save an e-mail address that begins with a [ and ends with a ]. The BlackBerry lets me type the brackets, but as soon as I save it, they are automatically removed. Anyone know what's going on? I cannot send directly via the To: line either - the BlackBerry automatically removes the [] in that location as well.

    This is a requirement for the special syntax needed to send faxes via e-mail at my work.

    Other BlackBerry devices (including the 8700 simulator I downloaded) are able to save this e-mail address without issue. What's going on??
    09-30-10 03:06 PM
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    What version OS? I just tested this on my 8700c running and the [email@domain.tld] saves just fine. Maybe you need to upgrade?

    Interesting, looked again and see that if I view the contact the brackets are there, but if I edit, they're gone. If I save a second edit, they're gone from the view menu as well. Maybe they're just not supported. I've never seen that format used before, I don't believe its RFC822 compatible, so maybe the BB enforces the RFC compatibility by removing them...?
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    11-19-10 12:28 PM