1. tomandic's Avatar
    My BB can't input password:

    when i tried several times inputing the password,it reminds me input 'blackberry',
    after that when i strike the character , it shows the character itself but not the asterisk .

    Buddies who knows how to turn on the asterisk, that is the 8th time for me......

    12-17-07 12:20 AM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    I'm not sure what you're asking here. After the first few attempts of the wrong password it will stop showing asterisks and show you the actual characters you are typing in hopes that you will see if you are making a mistake.

    After 10 attempts at the wrong password it will ask you to type 'blackberry' and the device will be wiped. If it's asking for this there is no other alternative.
    12-17-07 12:46 AM
  3. tomandic's Avatar
    Thanks John. i have accessed to the phone successfully.
    12-17-07 02:00 AM