1. rexx66's Avatar
    So i am having a **** of a time getting a single ringtone on my phone.

    i have crackberry.com email me the link for the ringtone. i open the email, select the link, choose "get link" when i do that, it brings up this message..

    "HTTP Error 400: Bad Request

    The server could not understand the page request or was unable to process it for some reason. Please try loading a different page."

    And when you select "more details" button, it comes up with " Invalid response code[-1]

    Can someone please help me before i throw this thing out in the busy street. THANKS@!
    06-29-08 10:40 PM
  2. BBIronMan's Avatar
    Odd. Does the URL it gives you span lines and does the browser potentially open a broken link? What happens when you try to copy and paste the link. An extraneous space inserted?
    06-30-08 10:43 PM