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    Hi there,

    I am having a very large problem, and it will take a while to explain. I spent most of yesterday trying to fix it, but all to no avail.

    Ok, so I bought a used 8703e BlackBerry on eBay, simply because Verizon is getting rid of their unlimited data plan on July 7 but will grandfather in those who have the plan before that date. Since I only had a regular phone, I needed a smartphone that was capable of having the plan so I could lock in. Unfortunately, I don't upgrade until August, and it would be stupid to buy a real phone before then. Hence, the BlackBerry.

    Now I activated it ok, and the calls and text messaging work. However, I only have the option to add an Enterprise email account under the setup wizard. I do not have an email setup or email settings icon like everyone says I should. Therefore, I cannot access my service books, and cannot sign the user agreement, and cannot get online.

    I saw online that this problem might be because it had an IT policy on it. Also, when I called Verizon, they said this was probably the problem. So I went through the steps listed - I upgraded my OS to the beta 4.5, I used the jl_Cmnder, I tried the policy.bin thing. In a way, these actions were successful - they eliminated the firewall that had previously been enabled. But it hasn't changed anything else.

    I saw that there was an option to create a Blackberry account online so that I could send myself the service books, and I thought that might work now that I disabled the firewall. However, for some stupid reason Verizon won't let you create an account online; it has to be done through the wireless device, which I can't do because I can't access the internet because I can't set up email and agree to the user terms. Ahh!

    In addition, I have done the Advanced Options - RHT - Register Now thing many times, and it doesn't seem to do anything. I just really need help. Is there a way to manually load the option for personal email on to the device? I think that if I could do that, then I could receive the service books, and all would be well. Thank you for taking the time to read this word vomit, and I anxiously look forward to your response!
    07-04-11 12:01 PM
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    Do you have a BLACKBERRY data plan as opposed to a standard carrier data plan?

    You need a specific Blackberry data plan to use the various data functions on the Blackberry.
    07-04-11 01:03 PM
  3. secluded's Avatar
    I have the BB data plan, forgot to mention that.
    07-04-11 02:07 PM