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    I've had a company-provided 8703e for sometime, but have never been able to access my personal Cox email account on it. The service provider is Verizon, and it is a large corporate account, so I don't know if they support Cox.

    I can log on to the Cox website, and then I get the Cox home page, where I can select my service area, and then enter my username and password. But when I then select 'Webmail', I get an error message saying:

    Can't insert page '/login/login.jsp': /login/login.jsp
    Tag 'insert' can't insert page 'mobileMenu'.
    Check if it exists, path must start with '/':"mobileMenu"

    Any idea...? I have tried asking the IT people at work, and they have no idea. Next step would be to go to a Verizon store, but I doubt they have the technical staff on hand to help.

    12-25-08 10:09 AM