1. jd8817's Avatar
    I've been digging around this thing and can't figure it out, is this possible?
    05-31-08 11:08 AM
  2. tyroni's Avatar

    The quick, easy way to customize phone tune for a contact:

    Address Book > highlight contact > menu key > Add Custom Phone Tune > select tune from folder
    The way to add custom tune for contact's phone, email, SMS, etc.:

    Profiles > Advanced Profiles > menu key > New Profile (to be used for that contact or group of contacts only) > name profile (person's name, or group name) > Edit Messages notification preferences > menu key > Save

    Profiles > Advanced Profiles > menu key > New Exception (for that contact profile or groups profile only) > name the Exception (person's name, or group name) > push trackball to add contact > menu key > Save > change "Use Profile" to the one you created > Edit the Custom Phone Tune > menu key > Save

    When you get an email, phone call, SMS or BBM from that user it will use the custom notification.
    05-31-08 03:59 PM