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    Hi, I just purchased from Amazon.com a brand new unlocked blackberry 8700r, and I subscribed to the push email service, every time I wanna call it results as call Failed, I can neither receive or make a call even though the network service is full and it says GSM ( previously red SOS ) I really need help, could the phone be unlocked but sim locked or no? I really cant enjoy my blackberry, and by the way, I'm in Kuwait right now, and use a KT MTCnet sim card note that MTC are the blackberry distributors, they told me the phone is locked, and I purchased it unlocked, and I double checked with seller, if you have anyways to resolve this lame issue, that would be highly extremely beautifully needed, and by the way I typed MEPD and its unlocked, but cant make calls in kuwait, help me plz thank you
    09-26-08 05:27 PM
  2. Christensen's Avatar
    Im goin nuts.... plz help anyone, I dont wanna lose interest in my b.b 8700r help me plz.
    09-29-08 05:40 AM