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    I was scanning around on my Blackberry 8700g web browser last night and whiel trying to shift back to Bookmarks while a page was loading - teh browser totally locked up.

    To go into detail about the lockup, I still see the last page I was trying to view with the load bar at the bottom still tryign to load images. Yet hitting the right side escape key or the track wheel results in... nothing. I can get out fo the browser with the red key and several shortcut functions still work if I use my keyboard but not the Bookmarks, or the Get Link applications, nor the Browser operations/Cache functions.

    I need to restart the browser and have no clue how.

    Any help appreciated.
    03-31-08 04:21 PM
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    when in doubt, pull the battery.

    On restart I was sent back to bookmarks. Everything is fine now.
    03-31-08 06:07 PM