1. iwheeze's Avatar
    Well I don't know what is up with my wireless headpiece/blackberry. I have a 8703e Blackberry and had a Motorolla h710 bluetooth for it. Worked great until today. Now it won't work.

    Batteries all charged up. I have deleted it and researched for devices, and it finds the headset and i type in the code to connect it (0000). Still won't work.

    The ear piece flashes 3 times blue when I turn it on, then is red for a few secs, then stays a solid blue. The book says the solid blue means it is waiting to pair with my phone, but it won't pair up now it seems. When I turn the headset off my phone says it lost the connection.

    Any help would be great. It worked great until today, but won't work now.

    Help please
    11-12-08 03:25 PM
  2. jimgwy's Avatar
    Did you ever get any resolution to this problem? I have exactly the same one with mine. I took it to the Sprint store and was told there was a problem with the Blackberry and they would fix it for $125. No thanks to that, I didn't even pay that much for it.
    06-10-09 08:50 AM