1. carlos2998's Avatar
    Can Anyone Assist Me In Resolving My Issue, I Tried To Update The News Reader Freerange, And My 8703e Went Blank, Then A Message On The Display States "blockerase6 Reset" I Took The Battery Out Several Times And Nothing Has Happened, Although This Has Happened In The Past, It Would Usually Work When I Took The Battery Out, But Now This Is All I Am Getting, And I Cannot Get To My Home Screen On A Hard Reset, Any Other Options On How To Reset, And Has This Happen To Anyone, Once I Get This Working Again Im Deleting This Crappy Freerage Rss Reader And Sticking To My Viigo
    09-26-07 04:39 PM
  2. carlos2998's Avatar
    Never Mind Guys, I Found The Answer To My Question On The Blackberry Site In Reference To Block Erase 6, It Has Something To Do With Corrupt Data, If Taking The Battery Out Does Not Solve The Problem Then You Must Hook It Up To You Director Via Usb And Follow The Steps, Ill Let You Guys Know If This Works.
    09-26-07 05:00 PM
  3. Smith's Avatar
    Hi carlos, please tell me how you solved the problem. I am having the blockerase problem in BB7100t. Thanks.
    01-03-08 12:49 AM