1. Briny555's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I'm new to Crackberry and fairly new to the Blackberry Pearl as well. I use my blackberry very frequently to access the internet. I have noticed a few problems. Although I am not able to sync my blackberry with hotmail (for reasons I've discovered through this site, thank you), I am able to access my email by simply going to hotmail's page. However, in recent days, when I type this website address and the page starts to load, it's blank and remains blank. It never actually loads nor does it come up with an error message. Any suggestions why this is happening? It has happened with a few other pages but they seem to be random sites that I try to access, not a specific site that I can recall off hand. Another problem that I experience very often deals with trying to access myspace. I am able to get on their site and log in to my account to read emails, etc. However, sometimes when I log in, it brings me right back to the main sign-in page as if I never even attempted to log in. It brings back no error message or anything, just brings me page to the original page without letting me log in. I've tried the soft reset by taking the battery off to reset the phone whenever I encounter either of these problems as well as clearing my cache and it does not rectify either of these situations. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
    08-23-07 09:40 AM
  2. kbsparks's Avatar
    I wish someone had answered you...this happens to me when I try to access my work email via the internet (they won't add me to the server...I'm too low on the pole).

    Does anyone have the answer? PLEASE!!!
    09-13-07 04:55 PM