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    Hi There,

    I've noticed that on some of our Blackberry's (8700s) that sometimes they loose their reconciliation settings. In particular:

    A) deletions/mark as read etc are not synchronized between the BB and the Notes client.
    B) the "reconcile now" item is available in the messaging menu.
    C) Messaging - Options - Email Reconciliation is set to "Delete on hand held", and the other two entries on this screen (ie Wireless Reconcile and On Conflict) are not present.

    If I change the option to "Delete on mailbox & handheld" the other two options are available. However Wireless Reconcile=Off.

    If I then set Wireless Reconcile=On then a few minutes later I get a message stating that Policy Settings have changed. Thereafter the BB and Notes client are kept reconciled again.

    My question is: why do these settings change?

    Any suggestions
    02-14-08 08:33 AM