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    After 5 months of using the 8703e and after so many issues that I have had with the device, which even Blackberry said are highly unusual, I know I have a lemon. So my question is, out of all of the Blackberry's on the market which one has the least problems? Which one has the best screen, good clarity for the phone and no problems in sending and receiving emails? I don't care at this point how much the device costs because I am not going through the insurance.......I am buying it brand new.

    Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. I am so frustrated and aggravated with every couple of days having my email icons disappearing after a soft reset, all mail not coming to the device, emails taking 9 hours to get to the device etc.....

    The device has been wiped clean with the help of Blackberry tech support and still there are major problems with the device.
    Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

    Warmest regards,
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    A difficult question to answer, albeit thus far I think the 8800 is good, strong and stable device...

    But, of course, that's my opinion. Another thing I think that has a strong influence with a device is service! And am sorry to say, I can't stand Verizon!
    06-20-07 10:30 AM
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    That is a tough question. I really like my Curve, but I also liked the 8800, 8100, and 8700. Each one had something different to offer. Like Navilyn said, stick with the carrier that gives you the best service for where you need it.
    06-20-07 10:51 AM
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    Thank you Navilyn and Kasperapd for your replies. When I was speaking to RIM today about something else, I just had to ask him out of all the BlackBerrys which did he think was the best BlackBerry with the least problems and which one did he feel was the best overall. I asked only because I was just curious, seeing that he deals with all different models all day long. His answer for the device with the least problems was the 8703e model and for the best BlackBerry, in his opinion, was the 8800. He personally owns the 8703e and is going to upgrade to the 8800.

    Maybe some day there will be a 9000 with everything all of us want in one device. You know, like an antipasto.........a little bit of everything to make everyone happy.

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    7250, like a rock.
    07-14-07 07:52 PM
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    my 7250 was solid as could be and so far my 8703e has been nice and solid also.
    07-14-07 10:45 PM