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    Can anybody explain the difference between the "Internet Browser," the "Blackberry Browser" and the "Browser"? All three of these are options to assign to the center soft key on my 8700g (T-Mobile). I have found that with the "Blackberry Browser" I can't directly access any url unless I first try to load a bookmark, which I suspect may load one of the other browsers.

    Also, even though I have the Start Page configured to Last Page Loaded, the Internet Browser starts up with the Home Page every time. Any idea why this is happening?

    Finally, under the Browser settings in the Advanced Settings menu there are separate setting for default browser configuration, default MDS browser configuration and default WAP browser configuration. For WAP browser, the only option is "T-Zones". What exactly do these three settings control?

    Apologies if answers to these questions are posted elsewhere in the forums, but I tried searching and couldn't find an explanation (other than some off-hand references to the Blackberry Browser as "intranet", which I don't understand).

    Many thanks.
    09-22-07 08:25 AM
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    Bump. I, too, am curious. Can anyone please elaborate or point me to a discussion elsewhere? I've done several searches and come up empty. Thanks.
    10-05-07 01:03 PM
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    Also Very confused about this. When I try to use my browser away from home it says that this is a wi-fi service and I can't use it now.

    I have tried changing browsers but still the same result.

    Some links work but all my favorites do nothing. Maybe they are opening in a different browser?

    Any help out there?
    11-14-07 02:02 PM
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    It appears as if the phone is just not saving the default browser settings. It always seems to change it back to wi-fi after I click a bookmark.

    Any ideas?
    11-14-07 02:40 PM
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    BlackBerry Browser will pull the internet from your BlackBerry Enterprise Server's (BES) proxy. In a business that has a proxy set up to block users from navigating to specific web sites, or wants to track internet usage, they will generally configure a BlackBerry IT Policy on the BES to only allow you to browse the internet on your BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Browser.

    Internet Browser will pull the internet from the service provider's data/internet (i.e. Sprint, AT&T, etc). When using T-Mobile's data/internet plan, they usually rename the Internet Browswer to be T-Zones or something of that nature.

    If you have the option, I would always have the Internet Browser set as the default in the Settings on the BlackBerry.

    If your browswers are split up in to WAP Browser and MDS, just know that standard internet would go through the WAP Browser - that's what you want... and if you're using internal network services via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, then it would use the MDS (mobile data service). Some companies may have you access an internal intranet page via the MDS or access internal documents/files via MDS.

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    01-22-10 02:49 PM