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    Been playing around on google and can't find a good answer so I figured someone here would have a decent solution.

    About 10 months ago my Blackberry 8703E (Verizon) started having errors with the 9 button. The 9 on keypad would not work when pressed but it would randomly start dialing a bunch of 9s or the letter C.

    After a few weeks it went away and it was fine. About 2 weeks ago the problem started happening again, its a huge pain in the **** since you can't dial a phone number with a 9 in it. Sometimes it works when I take the battery out and let it relax for a little while. It has gotten really bad the past couple days. When I am trying to send a text message it just fills up with a bunch of Cs and is a real pain in the ****.

    Had this phone for around 16 months and this is the only complaint I have with it. Does anyone have a good solution or is it simply time for a new phone.

    Sorry for the long post but just wanted to be as in depth as possible.
    08-01-08 01:42 PM