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    Hey all Veterans, and Rookies of the Blackberry World! Iím been a member of this wonderful community for a bit of time now keep seeing the same questions popping up again and again. As by design and the user friendly status of this forum there are many many threads of the same questions. I just wanted to consolidate all the information into one thread. So we could just post up one link for rookies to go to and retrieve their answer. These are basically the most common questions. Letís say a Mini FAQ for the Pearl. This is in no way all my information and I am NOT taking credit for any of it. I merely just found the threads and consolidated them. I tried to give credit where it was due. Sorry if I missed you.

    Acronyms you need to know
    BB = Blackberry
    BIS = Blackberry Internet Service (carrier provided)
    BES = Blackberry Enterprise Server (business, corporate world)
    OS = Operating System
    DM = Desktop Manager

    2. Speaker Volume (NO Ring+Vibrate same time)
    3. Assigning Alerts/Ringtones (Sound profiles)
    4. Transferring files
    5. TCP/APN settings (Open Tunnel Failure?)
    6. Adding/Removing Applications/Themes
    7. Lost Browser icon/Canít read media files
    8. Trackball cleaning
    9. Bluetooth Transfer
    10. Miss Call Icon (wonít go away)
    11. No you cannot turn of camera sound
    12. Blank MMS
    13. Re-sending Service Books/Re-registering to your Network
    14. Upgrading/Re-installing or (Downgrading) your OS
    15. Stop disappearing SMS, MMS, Email, Call Logs
    16. How to: Install or Remove a MicroSD Chip

    1. NO STREAMING VIDEO as of 7-5-2007
    There is NO Streaming Video at this time. Yes there are a few sites. Quality is pretty poor and the Blackberry Browser just doesnít support streaming. Sorry no YouTube.
    There are a few applications out that do buffer video, not sure if itís worth downloading. I believe there is a subscription fee also.

    2. Speaker Volume (NO RING+VIBRATE at same time)
    As you now know the speaker volume of the Pearl leaves a little to be desired. With the battery cover actually covering the speaker and muffling the sound quite a bit. Leaving behind a loose battery cover that rattles.
    There are a couple solutions to this one.

    Modify the Volume of your Ringtone with a 3rd party program.

    For Mp3s only: MP3Gain Nice small program that adjusts the gain of your MP3s
    For Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and WAV: Audacity is a great program

    Purchase a new battery cover from Seidio
    Comes in 3 versions. Seidio Batteries/Battery Covers
    OEM replacement with a speaker opening
    1250mAh Slim extended battery w/speaker opening
    2400mAh extended batter w/speaker opening

    On Another note about ringtones, there is NO option to have it RING+VIBRATE at the SAME TIME

    3. Assigning Alerts/Ringtones for Email,SMS,MMS,etc.
    This is all done under your Profiles. By default there are 5 different ones.
    1. Loud
    2. Vibrate
    3. Quite
    4. Normal
    5. Phone Only
    You can always add a Custom one. Thatís what I did.
    Go to Profiles, Scroll down to AdvancedÖSelect your (active) profile whichever one it may be.

    Selected it will produce a list of all the items that you can edit the alerts.

    4. TCP/APN Settings (Open Tunnel Failure?)
    This usually happens with Opera Mini or any other 3rd Party Applications that use this connection.

    Options>Advanced Options>TCP>

    All settings for most Carriers can be found here: TCP, APN, WAP, Gateway and Port Carrier Settings

    5. Adding/Removing Applications

    Adding: This can be done in two ways

    OTA(OVER the AIR) using your Blackberry Browser, just navigate to the link with your browser and click it and youíre on your way! It will prompt you and just click download and it should install.
    Note: Obviously you need a data plan.

    This is a great thread for OTA applications:
    JerryD's Mini Version Tracker - All Apps Updated 7/2/07

    From your PC: Download the .zip file containing the .alx and .cod to your PC. Unzip it the file using Winrar.
    You will find the two files .alx and .cod. extract them somewhere to your PC. Open up your Desktop Manager with your BB connected.
    Select Application Loader and then Add button on the top right. Find the .alx file and select Open.

    You may encounter an issue with the Desktop Manager giving the error:
    No addition applications designed for your device were found
    First check if itís not already listed in the applications list.
    Second see what action is listed for the application if itís listed.
    If I says None and is listed then itís been already installed.

    Also make sure you have your a current or updated handheld core apps installed on your PC.

    If itís not listed try deleting the files and extracting them somewhere else and then try loading them again from the new location.

    Removing: This can be done two ways

    Application Loader: Just launch it with your BB connected and then uncheck the boxes of the applications you want to uninstall.

    From your BB: Go to Options>Advanced Options>Applications>Scroll to the Application you want to delete>Hit Menu and Select Delete.

    For users without a data plan and cannot use the OTA download, Here is a link to convert the OTA files. ( .jar .jad )
    Figured out how to put cod files on through Desktop Manager
    convert .jar / .jad files to .alx / .cod files
    Here's a thread with a little batch file converter

    6. Lost Browser Icon (Canít Read Media Files?)
    This is solution was found by our Stack Pro Rcbjr. I believe he deserves most of the credit.
    Problem on Some New BlackBerry Handhelds
    You can also check this thread by N8DBB
    How To: Get your browser/email back after O.S. Install/Reinstall

    Solution: Reinstall deleted module on handheld.

    You will need to download and install on your PC, the current or a later version of the handheld operating system and let Desktop Manager / Application Loader replace the missing module.

    You can find Blackberry OS here: Blackberry 8100 OS Software Links (by Carrier) [as of 26JUN]
    If you want it wouldnít hurt to update your Desktop Manager to Service Pack 2 either.
    Find it here if you didnít get it earlier. Blackberry Desktop Software V4.2 Service Pack 2
    Keep in mind that there is two different versions of Service Pack 2. One with the Roxio Media Manger and one without the Roxio Media Manger.

    If you need directions on updating/installing an OS that is located here:
    How to: OS 4.x Upgrade for your Blackberry

    7. Bluetooth File transfer write up thanks to bk1
    How to Transfer a File using Bluetooth between two BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphones

    You can send and receive files, using Bluetooth wireless technology, between Blackberry Pearl 8100 smartphones by completing the following steps

    1. Enable Bluetooth on your BlackBerry Pearl
    2. Make the sending and receiving BlackBerry Pearl discoverable.
    3. Pair the two BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphones.
    4. Set the Trusted field to Yes on both BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphones.
    In the Bluetooth application, highlight the BlackBerry Pearl and press the Menu button
    Select Device Properties
    Set the Trusted field to Yes
    Press the Menu button and select Save
    5. Send and receive the transferred file

    On the recipientís BlackBerry Pearl:
    On the Home screen click Media
    Click a media type (Music, Video, Ring Tones, Pictures).
    Press the Menu button and select Receive using Bluetooth. The File Transfer dialog box appears, followed by a prompt to Save or Cancel the file
    Click Save to save the file to the current location or click the folder icon to save the file in a different location.
    On the Senderís BlackBerry Pearl
    On the Home screen click Media
    Click the same media type selected on the recipientís BlackBerry Pearl
    Press the Menu button and select Send Using Bluetooth
    When prompted to select a smartphone click the recipientís BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone

    8. Miss Call Icon write up thanks to cp6169
    How To: Delete messages that wont delete
    If you have a message that wonít delete no matter what you do try this.
    Plug BB into pc
    Open Desktop Manager
    Click Backup and Restore
    Click the Advanced Tab

    On the right hand side you will see Device Databases, find Browser Messages, Messages, MMS Messages, PIN Messages, Saved Email Messages and SMS Messages. Hold the control key on your keyboard and left click each one of these that you want to be cleared. The press clear and then press yes to continue.

    Another solution maybe just Select your Message Icon, Highlight a date, Hit Menu, Select Mark Prior Read.

    9. Blank MMS
    This is a known issue with the T-Mobile network. There isnít a known solution. Still trying to trouble shoot this one.
    Best thing to do when this happens is complain to T-mobile so they will fix it.

    10. Re-sending Service Books/ Re-registering to your Network

    Re-sending Service Books

    First you need to log into your account via either links above.
    T-mobile customers you need to navigate down to the link Setup Blackberry Internet Email

    Both should have a link to Service Books on the left hand side.
    Select it.
    It should come to another screen with a button to Send Service Books. Select it.

    Once sent you should get some Emails from each of your Email accounts referring to Activation.
    08-09-10 09:28 PM
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    1. NO STREAMING VIDEO as of 7-5-2007
    There is NO Streaming Video at this time. Yes there are a few sites. Quality is pretty poor and the Blackberry Browser just doesn’t support streaming. Sorry no YouTube.
    Why would you quote a 3 year old post that is clearly out of date?

    We have been streaming video since v4.5xx OS, about 2 years now.

    The content of this topic out of date and useless.
    08-10-10 10:30 AM