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    I have searched all over these forums! Have gotten very usefull advice and some entertaining facts! I recently purchased this blackberry from Ebay so I could get used to this platform before my upgrade in january so I don't ruin a $600 phone ya know! It serves its purpous its a "nice" phone could have multi-media ability and a memory card slot but whatev. I have had a few issues, the memory wittles away slowly for appearently no reason and when it hits 25mb the screen turns black and the led light shines red and it reboots itself. From reading on here those kind of problems don't occure till about 12mb. Now here is where it gets technical. I have done a jl_cmdr wipe then loaded the os because its sugested on this site. I have also done a BBSAK wipe and os load. Both to no avail! I have also used MaxMem to free up memory. Same issue, yes it happens less frequently but it still occures. What have I done wrong what can I do to remedy this issue???

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    09-22-09 10:22 AM
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    Plus I forgot to mention the apps I have loaded. Of course I have OS basic loaded apps.
    Opera Mini
    Yahoo IM
    Blackberry Messenger
    And that's all!!!
    Would those explain the issue??

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    09-22-09 10:34 AM