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    With all the prob's I'm having connecting BB 8700c to my computer vis USB (main reason I bought it was for the word2go/pdf/memo functions) I'm thinking of going back to FactoryDirect.ca and swapping it for a different phone of the same price.

    Price paid: $99.99

    The BB 8700c I have is GSM... so other than Rogers and Fido, I couldn't even get it a SIM card. (Rogers AND Fido declined me for monthly plans cause "I failed a credit review"... yeah... no credit record at all counts as bad credit with them).

    I'm wondering if anyone would suggest swapping it for a Palm Treo 650. The Treo 650 being offered in a CDMA format (Bell and Telus compatible... both phone companies I'm on good terms with... Even got a Telus Pay and Talk atm with an old Samsung A630)

    -- my quick thoughts

    Upside to the Treo 650 is an SD-slot... makes file transfers infinitely easier over usb (since the slot all but guarantee's it'll show up as a drive). Docs2Go is also available for it
    12-06-09 06:49 AM