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    Hello all! I have a user with an 8730 that says when she pulls her blackberry out of the holster it automatically opens messages. Is this possible? She is the only 87xx series I have, the rest are all 8830's and I don't know much about her device. I couldn't find a setting anywhere that could cause this. She basically says when she is in a meeting, it will vibrate and she'll go to pull it out to turn it off and it will automatically open the incoming message. I suggested that she may be pushing the wheel when pulling it out, but she is pretty sure it is an auto-feature when removing from the holster. She may be right, I have no idea. Any ideas on this one?

    Thanks :-D

    02-04-08 04:55 PM
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    Not sure about the 8730 but this is definitely true on a Curve 8310. The device will automaticallly open the email when you take it out of the holster. However, if you wait about 30 secs after the email received notification (not sure on the exact amount of time--it may be 15 or 20 secs.) before removing the device from the holster it will not automatically open the email.

    I guess the thought is that if you remove your device from the holster shortly after receiving the notification, most likely you are removing it to read the email. Automatically opening the email for you saves you a couple extra clicks I'm not aware of any settings that you can adjust to change this.
    02-04-08 08:51 PM
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    Thank you for the response :-) Its nice to have confirmation that it is really opening the messages automatically. I wasn't aware of that feature, but again have almost no experience w/ the 87xx series. She actually came from another organization and wanted her BB when we were all using Treo's w/ Goodlink. I've since migrated about 80% to 8830's and fancy myself rather knowledgeable with those, but look like an ***** trying to navigate models with the wheel on the side ;-)

    Wow. I can't believe ID10T is a banned word..they use that in cartoons.
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