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    Ok... I've about had it. I have an ATT/Cingular 8700C crackberry. Back at the end of August I had to wipe a company computer and turn it in and up until that point, my mail connector was working with my crackberry. I have since moved and set up a new mail connector on a home computer to have my Notes mail sent to my crackberry while I'm away from my computer. It just won't work with forwarding my mail. The company has a BES, but since I'm not one of the 4000 VIP's, I can't get it registered with them. Here is the error that I get:

    09/26/2007 10:58:34 PM COM3: Error opening modem command file C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\data\auto.mdm

    Thats it. Nothing else. It just sits there at that screen. I have v4.2.1.96 loaded on the crackberry and downloaded the latest and greatest version of the mail connector from att/cingular. Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do to get this to work again???
    09-26-07 11:11 PM
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    Ok... well I created a file called auto.mdm and placed it in the directory. It works better... but now can anyone tell me how to fix these errors???
    09-27-07 08:57 PM