1. hilroyy's Avatar
    I recently downloaded the trial version of VR+ voice recording software and haven't had any luck getting it up and running. Ive had a bunch of issues and errors and am at the point of giving up on it. Has anyone used this product or any other they can recommend? I just want to record notes during the day then play them back at night, I don't need to email them to anyone or send them to a server. Just an old fashioned program to dictate notes for myself.

    Any input is appreciated
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    03-22-08 05:28 PM
  2. Optimus_Prime's Avatar
    If u just need to make a dictation, try Big Hand Dictation from www. paperiq.com

    the voice recoding is pretty good. And it is free

    If u want full functionality, u could always purchase the full version

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    03-22-08 07:13 PM