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    i decided to take a video of my tmobile 8700g, compared to my verizon 8703e. the 8703e is SO much slower than the 8700g...i dont know why...ive reset it to defaults, reloaded the OS, tried different OS's, nothing seems to work. currently, the 8703e is on v4.5.0.148 (platform 8700g is on (and has been on this for years) v4.1.0.346 (platform

    heres the video. 8700g is on the left, 8703e is on the right.

    if anyone knows why there is such a difference in performance in 2 identical phones, please help me out. i love the 8700 series, and im with verizon, but this really is annoying when trying to do something in a hurry.

    03-15-10 07:51 PM
  2. buru's Avatar
    That's because 8700e has much slower processor than 8700g
    03-24-10 12:00 PM
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    How ironic the 8700e has better OS and its slower. I have the 8700g its fast has the intel X-scale processor. The 8700e was prolly made before the 8700g (reason for faster procerssor)

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    03-28-10 04:31 PM
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    03-29-10 09:02 AM