1. jptallahassee's Avatar
    I just recently setup my yahoo and gmail accounts on my 8703e. They each have their own icon but they also send it to the regular mail icon that I use for work. Is there any way to keep each email in their respected icon? I want to make sure to keep work and personal seperate. Thanks
    02-24-09 02:21 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    By default they all will go into the messages folder. What I do is seperate sms and email. Do this by opening your messages folder and hit menu key/options/general options scroll down to sms and email inboxes and set to seperate. Now go back to your home screen, highlight the messages folder and hold the alt key and click the thumbwheel. Select hide. Now it will appear that all your messages are in their own folder. Also, if you use blackberry messenger you will want to open it and hit menu then scroll down to "show conversations in message list" change this to no .
    02-24-09 02:32 PM
  3. aingaran's Avatar
    If you hide your Messages folder, if people send you PIN messages, you will not be able to see it.
    02-24-09 11:09 PM