1. jmilane's Avatar

    I managed to connect my puck to my BB and the BlackBerry Maps app works fine. However, I would like to see how Google Maps works with it.

    I don't see how to tell Google Maps to look to an external GPS. I am running Google Maps for Mobile V. 1.6.4 and under "Help" there is no option that would allow me to tell the app to look for an external GPS or BlueTooth GPS unit.

    I was reading the Maps V 1.5.1 had this option. Is it a version issue? If so, anyone know where I can get the older version? I cannot locate it.

    And a broader question: what free GPS Maps app do you think is better? The BlackBerry app, Google Maps, or maybe another?

    Thanks much,

    11-06-07 08:39 AM
  2. pgregory's Avatar
    Off of google maps help site; when asked if google maps uses GPS to find your location:

    "It depends on your mobile provider and device. At this time, only Google Maps for Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerry 8800 and Nokia 95, regardless of provider, are enabled with GPS.

    For others, Google Maps doesn't use any GPS technology, even if your phone has a built-in GPS location device."

    looks like they changed it? That completely sucks. It used to support bluetooth pucks. Seems everthing is shunning the 8700's in favor of the damn8800's nowadays.
    11-06-07 12:42 PM
  3. kboyd1273's Avatar
    I have an 8703e with an internl GPS and bought an external on ebay just to try to use it with Google maps. I was running the older compatible version and it sucks. Don't waste your time with it. Infospace is better than Google maps. If you want a true GPS program thats free go with Mapquest. I use infospace and telenav and they work well together.
    11-13-07 09:00 PM