1. fredbarry's Avatar
    Are there any members that use the BB 8703e (Sprint) in the San Fran Bay area -- especially in the San Jose area? I find Sprint's network to be basically reliable but thinking of changing to either AT&T or Tmobile so I can upgrade to the next Curve or 8820 to be released sometime by end of year. Problem is I do not see Sprint offering the Curve or subsequent models in the near future.

    Tmobile has the most economical data plan ($19.99/mth) as opposed to Sprint's at $39.99/mth. Also if Tmobile pushes out a wifi BB then their wifi at home service may be just the ticket.

    Any thoughts on experience with AT&T and /or Tmobile with their blackberry in this market/area will be much appreciated.
    08-27-07 12:08 AM