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    I just got this blackberry the other day from replaceyourcell.com ... Brand new, nice and cheap, figured all would be well.

    I live in an area of NC with perfect/complete 3G coverage with Sprint; my phone will almost always have at least 3 bars of EV service. The problem is that despite the excellent coverage, often times I have trouble sending texts (clock icon next to message, resulting in red X) and making phone calls (service unavailable error message). Typically, data will work ok, albeit slow.

    I have the most current OS available for the 8703e (4.5.??) and have done numerous battery pulls, mobile network on/offs. The only thing that consistently helps (helps, not works) is the turning on and off of the network and reconnecting to the tower. That solution works best at home, not in town or at work.

    When I'm at home, the blackberry only fully functions in one corner of the house. When I go into town/work, it hardly works at all (phone/sms problems start up again).

    I called customer service and I have the most recent PRL; it's also a new phone with a clean ESN, never been used. Otherwise, their tech support couldn't figure anything out.

    PLLLLEEEEASE help me... this is driving me so incredibly nuts. I've loved blackberrys for years now and was so excited to get back to one (even an older model), but am going crazy with frustration.

    Any other info just ask... I'll be checking this post often
    10-31-10 06:41 PM
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    124 views and no replies? C'mon guys! Need some help...
    11-03-10 08:07 PM
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    Never had any problem with sending text or sms I'm no expert on the subject by the way just a blackberry customer from Guelph ON.
    02-24-11 12:20 PM