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    So my manager's Aliant 8703e shows v., and she was having some difficulties pairing a new bluetooth device. Since I'd recently solved a similar problem by upgrading OS (my 8130 from 4.3 to 4.5), I though I'd try that first.

    I can get a download of an upgrade from RIM (by PIN she has an upgrade option, their latest, but once downloaded and run, despite saying the install was successful, her BB's 'About' screen still says, and the desktop manager only shows an update available for BB Maps (if I specifically go through App Loader to device software, I get warned that the device has the newest software and that I'm about to downgrade).

    Any Ideas? Is this related to the fact that I've used Desktop Manager to manage another (different model, my 8130) BB? It SEEMS to be clear about which device it's dealing with (correct PIN, OS shown as 4.2.1 - only displays first 3 digits sadly)

    Addendum - this is now just a curiousity issue regarding the versioning, as the bluetooth accessory in question now works fine.
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