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    All --

    I recently purchased a previously used 8703e, activated it, and started receiving e-mails intended for the previous owner of the device. While he "wiped" the phone (I think) there is still an e-mail setting account associated with this PIN. When I attempt to create a new e-mail account it says that an account already exists for that PIN. How do I wipe out these e-mail settings and get an account of my own?

    BTW, I've been on hold with Sprint blackberry support for hours and still haven't gotten through.

    06-23-07 10:26 AM
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    You may have to go into a store and have them release the ESN and PIN with the previous owner's permission.

    I just sold mine and the customer had to do that. Sprint is horrible as far as this is concerned. Any phone thats not in use anymore should not be tied up especially when told that the phone was sold.
    06-23-07 12:42 PM
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    well i did the same thing and i had to call verizon to clear the pin
    try that but if your sprint rep is acting like that, you'll be on hold 4 ever
    07-02-07 04:34 PM
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    What you can do from the handset is go to email set up. request for password to be sent to you( since your getting the emails already it will be sent) then change the email settings for that account by deleting the previous customers email. That should work.
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    07-03-07 01:26 PM